Note: Application for CHED StuFAPs (Scholarships or Grants/Tulong Dunong)  is to be filed through the CHED Regional Office 
while an application for RA 10931 is processed through the concerned institutions.
Note: Students who qualify for RA 10931-TES  will not qualify for Grants
Requirements (Click to view enlarged version)

Application Form  (Click and Right Click to download)

Instruction to StuFAPs Grantees (Scholars and TD Grantees): 
1. Report to your School's Scholarship or StuFAPs Coordinator for your inclusion in the Billing to CHED Caraga.
2. Register here (on this website) to be included in the Mailing and Contact List for updates or concerns.


For StuFAPs Grantee enrolled in Schools Outside Caraga Region Only

1. PHOTOCOPY/SCANNED COPY of VALIDATED Certificate of Enrollment or Study Load

2. PHOTOCOPY /SCANNED COPY  and/or Original Copy of OFFICIAL RECEIPT (OR) of School Fees and other charges

3. PHOTOCOPY/ SCANNED COPY  and/or Original Copy of Validated Grade Slip of PREVIOUS Semester (Except for First Semester billing of First Year grantees)

4. PHOTOCOPY and/or Scanned Copy of Notice of Award for StuFAPs

5. PHOTOCOPY and/or SCANNED Copy of your ACTIVE Landbank ATM SAVINGS Account. 

RA 10931 - Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act
RA 10931 is implemented by UNIFAST and Partner Agencies.
To apply for RA 10931 benefits: 
1) Free Higher Education: Pass the Entrance Exam and comply  admission requirements   @ State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Recognized Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) 
2) Free Technical Vocational Education and Training:  Comply admission requirements @ Qualify State Technical Vocational Institutions (TVIs) for 
3) Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES):  Subject to Prioritization Criteria (see info below or guidelines) @ Public HEIs (SUCs and recognized LUCs) and quality assured Private HEIs and TVIs for 
4)  Student Loan Program (SLP): Subject to Institutional Qualification @ Public HEIs (SUCs and recognized LUCs) and quality assured Private HEIs and TVIs for 
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